This document describes the terms and conditions ( “Terms and Conditions”) governing the use of WWW.PIOGGIADIMARE.COM website (the “Site”), including the hiring of managed or offered the same services ( “Services”) by or through Inversiones Vargas Izzo, C.A.

The user of the site and the registered user ( “User”) of the Services say they have legal capacity to contract or represent who have, and have read, agree and submit to these Terms and Conditions. If you have a user registered as a company or legal person should be able to contract on behalf of such entity and to bind the same in the terms of this agreement. If the user does not agree to the Terms and Conditions, you must refrain from using the Site and / or Services. WWW.PIOGGIADIMARE.COM may deny or terminate the provision of services to those without capacity to contract and those who have not agreed to the above statement



WWW.PIOGGIADIMARE.COM is a website that offers sales, physical and online. WWW.PIOGGIADIMARE.COM mission is to provide the user the buying process safely, so WWW.PIOGGIADIMARE.COM has taken all provisions to ensure users of the site that supplied their personal data remains confidential. Users can enjoy shopping service WWW.PIOGGIADIMARE.COM on site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

WWW.PIOGGIADIMARE.COM for being an online store, it has a specialized Department Customer Service, by which any doubts or inconvenience be channeled. It is active Monday through Friday, from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm and Saturdays from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm, Sundays and holidays being inactive.

WWW.PIOGGIADIMARE.COM reserves the right to modify, delete, replace, or enter, the site content, tools on the page or the products offered, as well as change in the price set for the products before the user bid by the same, all without notice.

Promotions and agreed and announced by WWW.PIOGGIADIMARE.COM deals will be respected in the terms and conditions under which they were issued and the time that they are in force.

WWW.PIOGGIADIMARE.COM is hosted in one of the leading platforms in performance, security and reliability to ensure the confidentiality and security of such information. However WWW.PIOGGIADIMARE.COM not responsible for any violation or theft that may occur to the security system of the site, by third parties, system failures, server, Internet, or any virus that could stay in the system. Also, WWW.PIOGGIADIMARE.COM not responsible for obtaining through illegal means or violations of system information stored on our server, and the use made of it.

WWW.PIOGGIADIMARE.COM try to ensure uninterrupted and continued use of the service, however the consequences generated during system failures or technical difficulties thereof or other external reason to WWW.PIOGGIADIMARE.COM will not be attributable to WWW.PIOGGIADIMARE.COM.

The Terms and Conditions set forth herein may be modified by WWW.PIOGGIADIMARE.COM at any time, and began to come into force from the moment of its publication on the website of WWW.PIOGGIADIMARE.COM with which they deemed accepted by the User .


To make a purchase in WWW.PIOGGIADIMARE.COM is necessary for the user to register on the website, providing all mandatory fields information request for this purpose also the User is responsible for the information provided and that the same is accurate and truthful. To WWW.PIOGGIADIMARE.COM the information provided by the User will be the information used to verify the payment and ship the product. If there is a discrepancy between the information found in the system and the user, the latter will be responsible, so the user agrees to update the information provided when necessary.

The account created for each user in WWW.PIOGGIADIMARE.COM is not transferable, so WWW.PIOGGIADIMARE.COM not responsible for the use thereof by third persons authorized by him. Also, only the creation of a single account in WWW.PIOGGIADIMARE.COM per user is allowed, if more detects a user account with data matching, WWW.PIOGGIADIMARE.COM reserves the right to suspend or temporarily disable them or indefinite.

Users guarantee and respond, in any case, the veracity, accuracy, validity and authenticity of the personal data entered. WWW.PIOGGIADIMARE.COM reserves the right to temporarily or permanently suspend those users whose data have not been confirmed or prove to be fraudulent or any false way. In these cases of disqualification, all transactions will be suspended, without generating any right to compensation.

The user will access your personal account ( “My Account”) by entering your email and password chosen personal security ( “Security Key”). The user agrees to maintain the confidentiality of your password security. If a third party gains access to a user’s account without their consent, and achieve implement actions within the site or violate the confidentiality of user data, it is considered responsibility of the user in choosing your security key.

The user will be responsible for all transactions in your account, since access to it is restricted to the entry and use of your password security, exclusive knowledge of the user. The user agrees to notify immediately WWW.PIOGGIADIMARE.COM written and reliable means, any unauthorized use of your account and income by unauthorized parties to it. WWW.PIOGGIADIMARE.COM reserves the right to reject any application for registration or cancel a registration previously accepted without generating any right to compensation or redress.


As expressed above, for a user to enjoy WWW.PIOGGIADIMARE.COM services, it must create an account by entering personal information data. The information provided by the user when creating your account, will be stored on servers that maintain high levels of security, both physical and technological. The information provided by the User WWW.PIOGGIADIMARE.COM, may be shared by WWW.PIOGGIADIMARE.COM to ensure the provision of the service and used by our Customer Service Department to contact the user and Give you surveys to ensure the improvements in service delivery.

Under no circumstances WWW.PIOGGIADIMARE.COM may sell, rent or transfer to other companies the personal information that each user has provided to create your account on the site, except in the circumstances set out in the Terms and Conditions set forth herein.

WWW.PIOGGIADIMARE.COM not be responsible for misuse and unauthorized use of a User or third party, the information provided on the page. WWW.PIOGGIADIMARE.COM reiterates that make all physical and technological efforts to keep the information provided secure and confidential manner.

Also, WWW.PIOGGIADIMARE.COM not be liable for the information that users disclose to third parties on social networks, forums or other means.


Users can authorize your account to WWW.PIOGGIADIMARE.COM, to send email promotions registered in your profile.

The Customer may request the suspension of any promotional or advertising communication sent to your email on your profile, unchecking intended for that purpose.


So that the user can make and confirm a purchase WWW.PIOGGIADIMARE.COM it is necessary and indispensable to accept the terms and conditions set forth in this text, as well as media report of payments available and banks accepted for completion of payment, which are duly specified in http://WWW.PIOGGIADIMARE.COM/formas-pago/

The processes of receiving payment, are outside WWW.PIOGGIADIMARE.COM and are managed by banks, so WWW.PIOGGIADIMARE.COM not responsible for communication failures they present, or for the consequences arising from the actions of them. Also, WWW.PIOGGIADIMARE.COM not liable for damages arising with manipulation by third parties who access the network in an unauthorized manner, despite prevention tools implemented on the website.

The purchase will be accepted when the user has made the order and pressed the button “CHECKOUT” and will be processed only when it is confirmed the payment made by the user. The validity of the order is two business days between the order confirmation and the effective realization of payment. After this time has elapsed without having been confirmed payment, the purchase will be automatically canceled by the system and the user must make the request again. WWW.PIOGGIADIMARE.COM not responsible for the change in inventory and product prices that may exist between the cancellation of the order and the realization of the new order by the user.

Considering that WWW.PIOGGIADIMARE.COM is a platform where the price and quantity of inventory fixes offered exclusively commercial partner, it states that the determination of the price to the laws and sub-legal force is carried out in strict compliance in Venezuela, especially those related to price regulation, margins allowed gain or any other current or future regulations related to prices that are applicable when making the offer until the conclusion of the sales transaction to which it will give rise .

Any tax or rate levied or fall on products subject to sale, as well as those that fall on sales operations, such as Value Added Tax (VAT) will be for sole customer account or user, which They will be paid at the time it made the order on the website, and will be reflected in the final bill that is delivered to the customer or user at the time of delivery. We recall that the business partner is obligated to issue invoice or sales receipt for your sales, unless expressly exempted from doing so by the current tax legislation. Also, the shipping product will be included in the cost of purchase, as mentioned above, WWW.PIOGGIADIMARE.COM is an online store and product shipments are managed by shipping companies (ZOOM, DHL, between others).

WWW.PIOGGIADIMARE.COM reserves the right to cancel any order that does not pass the security filters required for approval thereof.


The shipment of the products will be processed once payment is confirmed. The products will be shipped exclusively by shipping companies and the cost thereof shall be borne by the customer, upon payment of the order.

The customer must provide at the time of purchase, the address where you want it to be sent your product, providing all the information the system prompts. WWW.PIOGGIADIMARE.COM not responsible for the validity or completeness of the information provided by the user.

The time of delivery of the order will depend on the selected on the same products, which have delivery times specified in each case. On Saturdays, Sundays and holidays do not count within the delivery time or are days of office.


If the product purchased in WWW.PIOGGIADIMARE.COM were to have defects or technical malfunction, the user may activate the After-sales service offered WWW.PIOGGIADIMARE.COM.