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There are certain things you assume when you spend a day at the beach. For one thing, there will be sand everywhere. You can also assume all that fun in the sun and water will make everybody hungry. Very hungry.

Staying away from foods that bloat your belly before the beach is helpful, but a girl’s got to eat, so snacks are a must. If you’re at a developed beach, you may be able to buy snacks from a concession stand, but they’re likely to be overpriced and unhealthy. That’s why you need to pack some homemade snacks that are easily transportable to the sea and can be a real treat.

Beach time is supposed to be fun time, and nobody wants to devote a lot of effort to making snacks. But with a little planning, you can provide food to keep everybody active and happy without spending a fortune. You can even offer snacks that are more or less good for you. The trick is to keep things simple. Adjust to the reality of beach conditions. That means you don’t want snacks that will wilt in the heat, or large containers that let sand infiltrate your treats. And you don’t want to have to keep up with a lot of utensils or dishes.

So Here are a few ideas we love for picnic-friendly healthy beach eats.

1. No-Cook Pasta Salad This light and refreshing pasta salad is a perfect choice for beach eats. best of all, it requires no cooking, allowing you to quickly toss ingredients together before heading out for the day.

2. Collard Green Wraps For a low-fat and protein-rich snack, look to this Paleo-friendly collard green wraps that make use of the leftover veggies hiding in your crisper. Sliced bread or a bun can change in texture as the day goes on, but the simple switch to a green-powered wrap will hold things up nicely throughout the day!

3. Tabbouleh Time Cutting back on the oil and salt used in more traditional recipes allows the bright, natural flavors of this tabbouleh salad to speak for themselves. Pack up a container of Tupperware with this salad, grab some whole-wheat pita, and you’ve got a perfect beach snack ready to go

4. Summer Berries Nothing can be easier to prepare and serve than the simplest of fresh fruits. As a bonus, fresh fruit is about the healthiest snack can get. And most fruits won’t make you thirsty. Mix up slices or chunks of pineapple, kiwi, mango, some seedless grapes or whatever else you find. Sweet cherries can be good, too. Then stir in some frozen fruits. Frozen blueberries, strawberries and slices of peach work well here You’ve probably already figured that we like to keep beach snacks simple. Nobody wants to put in a lot of work in advance, that’s why a fruit salad doesn’t have to require a lot of work, and it sure provides a refreshing and healthy treat.

5. Cooling Yogurt Dip The traditional recipes for ranch dip can be calorie-laden and leave you feeling heavy, but subbing in Greek yogurt keeps this creative beet-mint yogurt dip equally cooling and creamy. Pack up the components in two separate containers, throw the dip on ice, and you’ll be ready to take a dip whenever the mood strikes

6. Popcorn Popcorn isn’t just fun to eat, it’s also healthy, and the best thing is a really simple snack to prepper. Is a natural whole-grain food that’s high in fiber. It’s also naturally low in fat. Make sure to cook it in a small amount of canola or other healthy oil. .


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